Dialogue in wonder

This term in reading we are diving into a novel study for the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.  This week we are focusing on what we can learn about the characters, especially through their dialogue.  Characters’ thoughts and feelings can be revealed through their dialogue.  This allows readers to make inferences about their internal perspectives and motivations.


We read Part One Chapters 5-7 which was about Olivia’s Brother
Valentine’s Day
Our Town
The Bus Stop
The Universe Part Six: August
North Pole
The Auggie Doll
Hearing Brightly
Via’s Secret
My Cave
Daisy’s Toys
The Ending Part Seven: Miranda
Camp Lies
What I Miss Most
Extraordinary, but No One There to See
The Performance
After the Show Part Eight: August
The Fifth-Grade Nature Retreat
Known For


Our first task was to choose dialogue from the relevant chapter and use the dialogue to infer what each of the characters’ thoughts may have been.

*embed your Driving task.


Our second task was to imagine we are part of a welcoming committee at Beecher Prep, and create a warm and inviting poster to welcome August, the main character in the story. Our poster had to reflect the school’s values of kindness, inclusivity, and diversity.


I enjoyed  doing this task

I need to improve on  adding more deatail

I did well at doing this task



This term PBS is getting ready for the gala in Week 8.  Our class is making pencil cases and bookmarks.  This week we did the design part of our process.  Here are my two designs. I chose the Pokemon design because I think most people like Playing Pokemon on their devices . chose the Roblox design because I kinda liked the style and the colour of it.

I need to improve on doing more designs and details.

I did well at trying my best and making my own cool design .

I enjoyed when we had to design it and blog it and choose a style and logo for it.

School gala

This Week for Maths , We had to do a bar graph about our quiz about our School Gala.

Here’s the results of my School Gala quiz .

This question is What year are you? .

Most people chose Year 5  And least colour that got voted was dark blue which mean Year one.

Year 6 had a pretty big chance of voting.

This is all the answers of all the questions about The school gala on Google Forms.

All of them seem to be having to much votes and least amount of votes . So this is what I had to do the bar graphs about on the answers.

I need to improve on doing more work about the bar graphs and doing some more data .

I did well at trying my best and doing my bar graphs correctly .

I enjoyed when we had to write the bar graphs about the School Gala answers.


This week for Reading , we are reading about a novel. Now, you might be thinking , what is a novel?

Well, a novel is a chapter book which have a lot of chapters and pages to read through. All of us had to read the novel up to page 13 then write about what has happened in the story recently on SSR Selfie.  After I did the SSR Selfie , I decided to blog it . And thats all the information on what a novel is .

I did well at writing my SSR Selfie Really quick.

I need to improve on doing more writing and some more focusing .

I enjoyed when we had to read the novel about a ordinary boy .

Shot Put

This week for my pe I was doing shot put.

First grop B had to  get in a line then we had to go to pe and sit down.

Then we had to  go and get in boy and girl we got a chuck a ball.

last we had to play a game it was called Shot put in it we had to get points and 4 boys had to go to the girls team the girls got 145 points the boys got 200 points so the boys got the win and I was in the boys team.

i enjoyed going to  pe. i need to have improved  Shot put. I did well at geting in line.

Valencia story endings

Throughout this year, our Writing group has learnt different aspects of writing a narrative story. This week’s task was to “finish” 6 stories we chose out of the slides Miss Tele’a provided.  My favourite ending I wrote was for the story the dog in glasses, because itws funny nd i put a funny ending.  I did well at making fun endingsI need to improve onmaking it more  Interesting I enjoyed mking the endings.


This week I learnt about the tree structure.A tree structure is A tree structure or a tree diagram is a way of representing hierarchical data. This means data that is organised in a certain order on different levels.Here is my work

Copyright and Attribution

This week i have been learning copyright and attribution .copyright is Copyright is a law that stops you from using other people’s work without their permission. Other people’s work includes music, videos, images and even ideas. To use copyrighted work, you must: Get permission. Mention the artists’ name (give them credit) when you use and share it.Here is my workT

Fijian Language Week

Ni sa yadra! This week is Fijian Language Week.  Our task was to create a Fiji fact file with different information about Fiji, as well as create a conversation between friends in Fijian using the phrases we have been provided with.  I have learnt that

Sa bulabula vinaka tiko”means i am good.  I have also learnt that vacava tiko” means How are you. 

I did well a finding the meaning of the fijian words

I need to improve on adding more detail

I enjoyed this task because i learn many things about Fiji.