Tag: Maths

Bar graph

This week lS1 has been learning bar graph to find information about everyone and Alice 1 to find out what they like they can do they can’t do and what they hate. Bar graph is a way to find information about others like Imagine you went up to someone and you said what was your favorite color and they said pink information to you so you can put it on your bar graph. There are many ways to find information by using math but bar graph is like tally chat but bar graph is a picture and a tally chart is a information board. Many ways to find information about Bar grahp is one of the easy ways to find information i did well at writting,ienjoyed finshing my work and i need to improve on writting more work .Here is my work.

Split Strategy

Today in LS1 we have been learning about split strategy .what is spilt strategy it is a math strategy were you spilt the smallest numer and make out the math problem like 34 +67 you subtract the smallest number you take away the 4 from the 34 and put it togetter 67+30 +4 now you add the 4 to the 67 and you have 71 now you put 67 +71 = 178 and thats how split strategy works.Here is my work for example.5

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