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Split Strategy

Today in LS1 we have been learning about split strategy .what is spilt strategy it is a math strategy were you spilt the smallest numer and make out the math problem like 34 +67 you subtract the smallest number you take away the 4 from the 34 and put it togetter 67+30 +4 now you add the 4 to the 67 and you have 71 now you put 67 +71 = 178 and thats how split strategy works.Here is my work for example.5

Valencia vision board.

what is a vision board? a vision board is where you share your goals and achieve you want to make in 2023 here is my work for example. 

The things that mean on my vision board means a lot. like me getting a long way in rugby, working at KFC , working on my math, being happy every where, getting in University, becoming sport leader and getting the sports award.if i can achieve my goal i can achieve anything.


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