Film festival

This week me and LS1 all went to the Film Festival.

First I had to go on the mat and  listen for instructions then I had to go to room 3 and I had to get my partner.

Then we had to all get in line so we can go to the bus and on the bus me and my partner went to the  back of the bus so we could sit. 
Next   we had to get off the bus, we went to the Sylvia Park. The movies were being played at Hoyts in cinema 3.  When we went inside we had to take our partners to their seats then we went up to our class seats. We watched the movies and I enjoyed that. My favourite was The Jandal Throw but unfortunately it wasn’t played when we went. They have technical issues.
I liked the The Jandal Throw frome LS1. enjoyed doing my blog. I did well at my taking care of my partner.


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