[Jake, 18, vanished after a party. Ophelia, his roommate, grew increasingly worried as the night dragged on. A chilling text, “we got u,” on Jake’s abandoned phone prompted her to call the police, launching a tense and mysterious search for her missing friend..] Here is my work.



Once upon a time not so long ago there were these 2 roommates whose names were James and Blair. James went to a party he would get back at 5.30 time past as Blair  watched the clock she had been waiting for 5 hours but James still hadn’t come back. It was 10.00 o’Clock   


She didn’t think of it that much so she went to bed. She thought he would be back tomorrow and just slept over the next Morning James still isn’t back now Blair was worried she started to call his phone but she heard his ring tone in the house. She didn’t know who ringtone it was but then she realised it’s James


 Blair thought he had just got back. She rushed to the door just to see James phone on the bench in the kitchen “He left his phone at home” said Blair. she sprinter into the car and drove to the police station

She told them that her roommate was missing.


The police said they will have a search party to look for James Blair. Blair was worried she waited and waited just for the police to say we found him but Blair didn’t hear anything she was thinking that they know where he is but they want to wait but there was another reason. 


Finally the police called Blair but Blar thought it was good news but is wasn’t when she answer the call her jaw dropped they had found James unconscious in the woods she freaked out .she knew straight away that is was  Mia she had a huge crush on James she had kidnapped James from the party 


To be with him the police arrested Mia and James would never go back to a party ever again But James turned to see a horrified Blair.Blair knew that Mia would come back because her last words were “you’ll never get rid of me i’ll always come back”…….. To be Continued 




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