The Museum

Kia ora my name is Valencia my class room is LS1.  In LS1 we have been learning how to write a recount using the TREE structure.  We were allowed to pick a picture as long as it fit the TREE structure.  A recount is a story that has already happened.  Here is my work for an example.

The Museum

On Monday my best friend and I went to the museum first, then we went on a bus to go to the museum. It took 10 minutes to get there. In a moment we were there in a flash. It seemed like we were on the bus for ten seconds .


When we got there the first room we went to was a stranded island.  There were wild sharks that were surrounding the island and there were monkeys climbing the  trees were humongous no one could climb.  It was like they reached all the way up to heaven .


Then we heard a booming roar. It was a fearless black panther.  We sprintedand in one of the abandoned houses the black panther walked past the house we were hiding in .”That was a close call I said”!At last a humongous pirate ship  came and rescued us and took us to safety and the Adventure was over. I felt relieved that it was over. I was frightened there at the end.. I was very exhausted. I am happy we went there.We were horrified.



valencia bookmark

Kia ora my name is Valencia I am in LS1 in LS1 we have been larning how to bookmark our things. what is a bookmark A bookmark is a strip of material used to mark (or save) someone’s place in a book and a link to a website address saved electronically in a browser for quick access to the web page.Bookmarking your learning links is an important part of being a smart learner.They help you navigate to your learning quickly and efficiently.


Valencia vision board.

what is a vision board? a vision board is where you share your goals and achieve you want to make in 2023 here is my work for example. 

The things that mean on my vision board means a lot. like me getting a long way in rugby, working at KFC , working on my math, being happy every where, getting in University, becoming sport leader and getting the sports award.if i can achieve my goal i can achieve anything.


film festival

on tuesday panmure bridge school went to the manaiakalani film fesitval  4 movies that panmure bridge mad they were called  golden child ,pokeblaze, the wrong book and the little things matter. My favorite one was in your head by room 3 and by Ruapotaka School. it was about what dose students think when there in class it was very funny there were lots of funny things in that movie thats why its my favorite.i had so much fun watching these movies  and i was very tiered.