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This week i have been learning about PBS school gala miss white mths group had maths sliades called figure it out-gala I had to figure out about the school gala I had to figure out if no one is away on the school gala or Making a box and a graph of what is most picked and the least picked. I had fun doing and figuring it out I have to work on giving a more reasonble anwser I inproved on finshing my figure it out slides.


This term in reading we are diving into a novel study for the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. This week we are trying to understand the characteristics and personalities of key characters in the story. We also practiced summarisation skills by extracting relevant details from the text.

We had to read Part One Chapters 8-10 which was about August’s Ordinary story and how he became not normal.

Next, we used what we had read to answer our slides about the key characters.

I enjoyed when we had to read The Novel and do the emoji matching and solving,
I need to improve on doing more work and trying to solve it more better.
I did well at trying my best at doing my own work.


This Term For CYbersmart we are Learning about ” What is Media ” .

First we discussed to draw a Basic beach to come back to the mat to discover more.

After that we had to come back to the mat  & Mr Goodwin Informed us about the Smudge it in to it could look more realistic for waves & the Sun.

Then we had to go back & add Things to make the Beach a Beach.

Next We had to do Layers which doesnt effect your other layers.

Finally We had to show Miss Sinclair / Miss Tele’a To Blog.

I did Well at Drawing the Palm Tree.

I Enjoyed Smudging it .

I need to improve on drawing.