Year: 2023

ComicQuest [Step It Up]

Today I have been doing the comicquest step it up task. The comic quest is where you make a comic about a theme and setting you choose and you make a little story about your comic check out my other blog post about the comicquest kick start. I had so much fun doing this task if you want to do this task you can find it  on summer learning joureny site. Here is my comicquest.


ComicQuest (Kick Start)

Today I have been doing the comic quest task kick start. Kick start means a easy task so you can get used to doing the task so then when we do the step it up we just have to step up the task.I enjoyed this task so much it was so much fun. If you want to find thisn task you can find it on the summer learning joureny . Here is my comic quest.

Grove pizza ( Step it up)

Today ls1 has been doing the grove pizza step it up. For the grove pizza step it up we had to make a cover for the beats we made for the kick start. Every one had a fun time doing this task . If you want to do this task you can find it on the summer learning joureny. Here is my cover for my grove pizza beats.

Christmas Sleighs

Today Group b has been making christmas sleigh. the first task we had to do was desiging our christmas sleighs after we design our sleighs we had to label the Materials I need to make our sleighs. Our second task was to make a google doc and and talk about the  materials we need and the steps to make the sleighs. Here is my work.


Summer Learning Journey (SuperHero)

Today Ls1 has been doing the summer learning joureny.  First we had to Register after we registered we watched a video and example by Koura- Beau. After we did the kick off task The kick off task was where you make a super hero and write words to desgribe your super hero. For my superhero i pick Nightmare Nexus as my superhero I wrote that he was immortal and he had shape shifting and can shot fire out of his hand. Have a try at the summer learning journey. Here is my super hero.

School Supplies Wordfind

Today Miss Tele’a;s Cybersmart group had to make a word search. Mr goodwin told us about how to make a word search Mr goodwin showed a example about NRL. After He tolds us the steps we had 10 to 15 minutes to do the word search we had to pick 7 words. For my topic of my word search was school supplies. The 7 words I choose : Note book, scissor , Pencil, back pack, eraser, glue and glue tack.

Can you find the 7 words?

This week for my HPE I was doing sprinting.

First I had to go on the mat and  listen for instructions then I had to make a line of grop B.

Then coach say when you are sprinting put you hand up to your cheek when you are sprinting then  Ihad to get  ready

then I was off Then she had to time us I got 6 and a half seconds.

Next I had to play a game called get the tail  off we had to get the tail off pepole and we had to do get the most tails off pepole so we can beat them then we did team we had to get in a team me and my team won 3 games.

Last I did a blog.