Day: September 15, 2023


For swimming I learned about skulling. I was in the pool to learn about the three safe ways to get into water. I also learned how to doggy paddle is I do not know how to swim.

First I went in the pool to learn about the safteys about how to get into water safley.

Next I was acting like waves and one person has to get to the other side while we were waves and it was fun.

Lastly I got changed and we went back to school.

I enjoyed doing this task. What I did well was skulling. I need to improve on doggy paddling.

Identifying fractions

valencia Identifying Fractions

For maths I learned about fractions. We learned about the numerator and the denominator. The numerator is the top  number and the denominator.

First I did a math problem which is fractions.

Next I did a DLO. It explained how fractions work and what are fractions.

Lastly I blogged it.

I enjoyed doing this task. What I did well was make the DLO. I need to improve on solving the maths problem.


This week we have been learning te reo maori for maori language week

First Miss White & Miss Tele’a was showing us what to do on each of the slides & then we went off to get our chromebook.

Next i was almost done to finish my work & i was done & showed it to Miss Tele’a & said i can blog it onto my blog post.

Laslty i was started blogging & writing my words & i was done & blog it & link it to my must do list.

I enjoyed doing the task Miss Tele’a set for us

I need work on adding details to my blog post